Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby Andrew Update

As most of you know, Baby Andrew has arrived!

Andrew Lee Elliott

December 20, 2011

Born at 7:08pm

7 lbs. 3 oz. 19 3/4 in.

We went into the hospital Tuesday, December 20th at 4:00am to be in induced even though I was already having some small contractions. My water broke very early in the morning and progressed well through out the day until late afternoon. There were a few scary moments throughout the day, but overall it was a piece of cake (Thank God for an Epidural - I only made it to 9:30am without it).

Things changed when at 5:30pm the nurse came in and said it is time to "take the baby". We were like, "What do you mean, 'take the baby?'". She responded with "Cesarean". Mom, Josh and I were all shocked. Although we knew labor had slowed down, this was the first time anyone had mentioned there was an issue or a concern with a natural delivery. I immediately got anxious for many reasons... I wasn't even thinking about having a c-section, my Doctor had a family emergency to attend to so I was stuck with the on-call Doctor, I was worried about being off work longer, I knew I would have a slower re-cooperation period, and it was the first time someone had mentioned that the baby's heart rate was dropping with each contraction. I think mom and Josh were more concerned than I was because they kept fighting the issue, I just wanted it to be over with. I wasn't worried about the surgery at all. They do them all the time (I had read that 40% of births are Cesarean).

We had to wait for an opening in the operating room. I was rolled into the OR at 6:53pm, 15 minutes later - Andrew was born! I think I left the OR at 7:23pm. I knew it was a fast procedure, but that was really fast!

We were released from the Hospital Thursday afternoon (Andrew was only 42 hours old). Naturally, I was moving slower, but for just having a Cesarean I was moving at lightning speed. I felt fine and Andrew was doing well so we headed home - I knew we would feel even better once we got home.

Fast Forward 11 days...
We have had many visitors (both at the hospital and at home), a few webcam dates, and one outing to the pediatrician's office. We don't have any more visitors planned so Andrew is stuck with just Mom and Dad! This next week Andrew has a two week check up with the Pediatrician and I have a two week check up as well. Next weekend, we will take our first road trip. We are headed to Dallas. Josh wants to attend the SHSU national championship game which is being held in Frisco, TX (just a few miles down the road from Mimi and Poppi's house).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Years!!!!

Two years ago today, Josh and I tied the knot! Time really does fly when you're having fun, because it does not seem like it has been two years. And this year we are expanding our family! I am so blessed to have such a funny, loving, and supportive husband and I know he will be a great father because of those qualities. I look forward to the memories we will create in the coming years.

Happy Anniversary Josh!
I love you!

Dr. Appt #14 (LAST ONE)

This morning, Mom, Josh and I headed to my final Doctor appointment. Since I am a week overdue they did an ultrasound and exam. The ultrasound tech estimated him weighing at 6lbs, 14 oz. I can't believe he is that small... but it doesn't feel like he can grow much more in there anyways! We'll see how good their estimation is very soon!

After I met with the Doctor, she suggested we induce tomorrow morning! YAY! We are scheduled to be at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Labor and Delivery at 4:00am and should begin the induction around 5:00am. Hopefully we will have a baby by the end of the day! But since it's my first, I anticipate a long labor. Hoping for the best, but preparing for anything!

Requesting prayers for a quick and safe delivery.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a little funny

After Jackie's graduation ceremony, we all came back to our house to take pictures with the graduate and watch the SHSU Bearkats football game. The Bearkats (ranked #1) are competing for their division title. The semifinal game was scheduled the same evening as Jackie's graduation.

Anyways... so we headed back to the house and prepared some appetizers before the game. We had chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, Christmas cookies and stuffed jalapenos to be exact. Mom, Josh and I had finished preparing all the food and we sat down to begin watching the game. A few minutes later witnesses spotted me running to the bathroom. I was found leaning over the sink doing a dance, singing "owe, owe, owe, owe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and splashing water into my eyes. In addition to my singing I had quite a few curse words I was expressing (I don't think I had ever said so many bad words) Despite washing my hands twice after food preparation, I got jalapeno juice on the inner corner of both my eyes simultaneously. Initially it was just a tiny sting, but it spread rapidly to my eyes and sinuses. MY FACE WAS ON FIRE!!!!!

I couldn't do much for relief other than run cold water over my eyes. It was a little challenging because 1) I was pregnant so it was hard to bend over to the sink, 2) Both eyes stung really badly,but I could only wash one at a time, and 3) I was wearing contacts and I knew I had to take them out in order to not cause damage to my eyes and get all the stinging to stop. I removed the right contact lens first... if you have ever taken a suction cup window cling off the window.... that is exactly what it felt and sounded like. It really hurt so I focused on washing that eye out. A few minutes later I realized I needed to do that to the other eye (DAMN!). In the midst of all that... it was doing a number on my sinuses. My snot was literally FLOWING out of my nose!!!! GROSS!

Ultimately I was in the bathroom dancing, singing, cursing and washing my eyes for at least 15 minutes... it hurt so bad I really don't know how long it was. The best part was we hadn't taken pictures yet so I have a red face and eyes for Jackie's graduation pictures. For the next 30 minutes I sat in the chair with an ice pack to help relieve the heat.

Lesson Learned... I am going to wear gloves next time I handle Jalapenos!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dr. Appt #13

Josh accompanied me to my Dr. Appointment this morning; it went well. There have been no changes since last week though. Since my due date is this Wednesday, Dr. said "Well, let's do this... come back next Monday...". Apparently I had a concerned look on my face because she paused and asked what's wrong? Josh and I looked at each other and started to laugh. We asked when was the earliest we could induce? She said right now she doesn't have a medical reason to induce me so she would see if there was anything available for us to come in this week.

After a few minutes of research, she came in with a frowny face. She said they didn't have anything available this week. So we will schedule an ultrasound and exam for next Monday and she is "sure she could find a medical reason to induce next Tuesday". So... in eight days or less Andrew will make his appearance.

In the meantime, Mom is visiting from Dallas. There was a short week between Josh and Jackie's graduation so she decided to stay in case Andrew did decide to come. Mom brought her laptop to work, but during her down time we are preparing for Christmas at our house this Saturday. We have pulled many baking recipes out in preparation for Saturday. Today's feautured recipe was Aunt Denise's Peanut Butter Balls. Mmmmmmmm. (I don't know that they will make it all the way to Saturday though) :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Joshua Byron Elliott, B.S., L.A.T., D.C.

On Saturday, December 10, 2011, Texas Chiropractic College held their Fall 2011 Commencement in the Dr. Shelby & Connie Elliott Auditorium.

It was a very special day. Josh has been in school since he was six years old. At the age of 25, Josh has received his high school diploma, a Bachelors of Science degree (major in Kinesiology, minor in Health), achieved a State License in Athletic Training, and finally a Doctorate of Chiropractic. I am so proud of him!!! I know it has been a struggle for him to not be able to "support" our family the past few years. Although he may not have been financially supporting us, his commitment to school and passion for the Chiropractic profession will support our family for many years to come.

Graduation was extra special for Josh and his grandfather, Shelby. Shelby has been a chiropractor for over 60 years and was even the President at Texas Chiropractic College for 12 years. During the ceremony Shelby got to assist in the hooding of Josh's regalia. I'm sure that was a special moment for both of them.

After the ceremony we invited family, friends and faculty to a reception at Josh's grandfather's house. We are so appreciative to Connie and Shelby for opening their home for the party. At the reception, we enjoyed lunch which was catered from Magnolia Cafe. Luckily, Connie agreed to return Josh's cap and gown on Monday so we were able to bring it to the party and take family pictures. Below is a picture of the three generations of Elliott Chiropractors: Dr. Shelby Elliott (grandfather), Dr. Joshua Elliott, and Dr. Steve Elliott (uncle).