Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

This year we spent Memorial Day weekend in Grapeland, TX visiting Josh's family.  Today we remembered all the men and women who have served our country but are no longer with us today.  We visited Augusta Cemetary where a long line of Josh's family is buried.  We lost Leroy Eugene Frederick back in November 2006.  Papa Honey or Lee was Josh's grandfather. 

We miss you Papa!  Happy Memorial Day!
Josh was devastated when Papa Honey passed; I have never seen or heard him so upset in our time together. Papa Honey certaintly made an impact on Josh's life. Though he was not technically his biological grandfather, you would not know the difference. They loved each other immensely.
Josh proudly introducing
 Andrew to the most influential man in his life.

Andrew Lee Elliott meets Papa Honey
If you did not know already, Andrew is named after Papa Honey.

Moose likes Peas... what about Andrew?

Andrew has eaten many vegetables... green beans, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes. He has eaten all of them with excitement. Today we tried our final vegetable, peas. Mommy and Daddy do not like peas so we almost felt like we were punishing him by feeding him peas. But Mimi likes peas so we gave it a shot. To prepare for this veggie adventure we decided to dress appropriately - Andrew was wearing a moose bib. We got a pack of bibs among other baby clothes at Mom's neighbor's garage sale last weekend. Two of the bibs happened to have a Moose on them. Why is the moose significant? Well, for those that do not know... Mom got the nickname "Moose" many years ago when she and Debbie, her sister, were teamed up playing "Who Knows You Best?" When asked, "What was your siblings nickname as a kid?" Debbie answered, "Moose". Ha Ha Ha! Well, it certainly was not Mom's nickname back then... but it is NOW! Ha Ha Ha!
Anyways... we were eating peas with Mimi AKA "Moose" in our thoughts! 
M is for Moose and I am ready to try some peas!!!
M is for Mmmmmmmm... I like peas!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend in Dallas

The Elliott Family took a trip to Dallas last week. It was a mini vacation for Mommy and Andrew… not so much for Daddy. Josh was scheduled to take his final Chiropractic Board Exams at Parker Chiropractic College that weekend. We traveled up Thursday so Josh would have some time to study and get acclimated. He had part 1 of the exam on Friday morning, Diagnostic Imaging. Josh was scheduled to be back at the facility at 2:00pm on Saturday for part 2, Case Management and Technique. He was relieved to be finished at 7:30pm. **Exam results expected early July** Andrew and I were holding down the fort because Mom and Dad drove to Austin to celebrate Audrey’s graduation at UT Austin – They left Friday AM and returned Saturday PM.

Since we didn’t know if Josh was going to be testing on Saturday or Sunday for Part 2 I went ahead and took Monday off to ensure travel time back to The Woodlands. As a result, Sunday was filled with a lot of play time. My friend, Jessie, came over for a visit… it is always nice to see her! We spent the afternoon by the pool. The neighbor boys came over to swim while dad and Josh worked on trimming the bushes. When the sun finally set past the house we brought Andrew out for his first swim! The pool wasn’t quite warm enough for him so we heated up the spa closer to body temperature. He was not ecstatic about being in the pool but he wasn’t upset either… I would classify his demeanor as curious.

Hopefully next month when we are visiting for the Kiefer wedding he will be more active in the pool.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Andrew Loves Green Beans!

He ate the whole pack with very little mess and no icky faces. 
I think it is safe to say Andrew loves green beans!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Weigh In

Tuesday, we had a follow up appointment to Andrew’s four month check-up. As we stated before, his weight growth had digressed from his two to four month check-ups, 20% to 1% respectively. She gave us a few suggestions on feedings and asked that we come back in three weeks.

I know the Doctor is just doing their job, but it was a little silly to me. Besides being a “Skinny Minny”, Andrew is developing well. He is right on track… laughing, rolling, eating cereal, etc.

At the appointment, the Doctor was pleased to see that Andrew had gained a pound. He is now 12 lbs, 12 oz. As a result, this shows him steadily increasing his weight and back on track. She gave us the go to feed him rice cereal (we cheated and already gave him some), and then baby food. Keeping in mind not to introduce a food no earlier than four days to rule out any allergies he might have.

We can’t wait to see what “packages” we may receive when he starts eating food! Stay tuned for pictures or video… I think we will introduce some green beans to his diet this weekend. Love to all!