Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome to The Elliott's Blog

Ta-dah, look at me! I am now a blogger!

I figured since I am not "technically" a Kuklenz anymore I should create our own blog. I know what you're thinking... oh great yet another thing for me to check while online, Yipee! My response... You're welcome!

I can't promise many posts, or as detailed posts or as humerous posts as others may have... but I will do my best. The blog will be a great way for us to share with friends and family our progression through the first year of marriage. Anyone who knows me very well can tell you my memory is not so good, so the blog is also helpful for people like me who tend to forget what they have or have not done over the years. No excuses now!

Anyways, that is the grand opening.... hopefully it is grand enough for you to come back and visit the site every once and awhile. You will definately have to stay tuned for wedding and new apartment pictures.

For a history of Josh and Jill check out our wedding website at