Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr. Appt #5

As you can see I am finally getting a belly! (very exciting) The baby is kicking pretty frequently and they are definately getting stronger. Luckily they are still bearable... who knows how long that is going to last? I have only had one night when the baby kept me up for over an hour because he was kicking mom-stop(I think I drank too much Mountain Dew that day). I am really good about regulating my caffeine intake, but for some reason that day I was not thinking of the consequences.

So today I had a doctor appointment. It was pretty uneventful except for the blood pressure cuff. The nurse took my BP as they normally do, except it didn't sound and feel the same as it normally does. She said it was 116/80 and then she walked out to get the Dr. The Dr. came in and checked for the baby's heartbeat (sounded good by the way). She said next time I was going to have my diabetes screening. Then she asked if I had any questions or if there was anything she could do for me? I said yes! "Can you take my blood pressure again?" I explained that it is usually higher than that and I had some concerns about the way the nurse took it. So she said no problem! She grabbed the BP cuff and stethescope off the counter (same one the nurse used) and placed it on my arm then pumped... and pumped, and pumped and so on. She said "huh, it would help if we had a cuff that worked". (it sounded like there was a whole in the cuff or the valve was bad. the cuff never pressurized so it was impossible to take a reading). The Dr. went to grab a new cuff and returned. The new BP was 130/82... that's more like it! I can't believe that nurse was just making up numbers for all those patients in that room! and how many others have the the same? and how many patient's lives could have been at stake because of someone just giving a random number? Oh my goodness!!!!!

On a lighter note, Josh and I have been spending a lot of time narrowing down our preferred baby names. We have had a lot "help" from my dad in the baby name department. So stay tuned and maybe we will make a decision soon. Send us any suggestions (no "J" names please).

Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Baby Shower

My sister, Jackie, is hosting a baby shower on October 8th in Huntsville, TX. We have invited many family members and friends. I hope they can come!

Josh and I have been building our registry over the past few weeks. It was an overwhelming task to say the least... definately not the same as creating a wedding registry. So I need all you mommy experts to let me know if I am missing any "absolute must haves". That way I can register for it! We are registered at Babies R' Us, Target and Kohls. Some things we didnt register for because we figured people would get them anyway (clothes, pacifiers, blankets, toys, etc.)

I hope to see everyone at the shower... and I can't wait to oooooo and awwwww over all the cute little baby stuff!

Baby Gifts

This week we received our first two baby gifts courtesy of Mimi and Poppy!

First, Mom called me to tell me she had ordered and received our baby crib from JC Penney that we liked. I am so relieved our baby will have a place to sleep!

Secondly, we received a knock at the door when we sat down for dinner this evening. It was a package for Jill Elliott. Looking at the box, it was from Kohls so I had a sneaky suspicion it was our crib bedding. I was RIGHT! I pulled it out of the box and said "Awwwwww". Josh was excited but definatly did not display as much enthusiasm as I did. So now... not only will our baby have a place to sleep, but he will have cute, comfy sheets and blankets to sleep on. Yay! Thanks Mimi and Poppy!