Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good News!

Well, there have been many blog-worthy topics that have taken place over the course of the past few months, but can I find the time to do it… NO! Let’s see we bought a new TV Stand (for Josh’s big screen T.V. he is hoping Santa will bring him), we went on a week long road trip up to Minnesota and Iowa visiting all of my Family (we had a blast), Josh took his first round of national boards, Jill was almost held at gunpoint, Josh received his white lab coat - a ceremony honoring students going to clinic, we went church hunting, we went to the Moore family reunion (Josh’s mom’s side of the family) at Ratcliff Lake, and much more I’m sure, but my memory is failing to recall anything else at the moment.

So I am sure you are asking yourself, what could be so exciting and noteworthy that Jill finally found some time to mention it on the blog? Well I can assure it you it is very exciting news… are you ready??? Okay here it goes – JOSH PASSED ALL SECTIONS IN PART 1 OF BOARDS!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!

There were six sections for Part 1 and in order to pass each section he needed to receive at least a 375 or better. Josh was very anxious about taking these exams. Not only were they scheduled for the week right after we got back from our week long road trip, but he had to take six tests within a span of 36 hours! Part 1 of Boards has a reputation of being the most difficult to study for and hardest to pass. Each of the exams had 150 multiple choice questions which tests a “basic” science. Normally Josh does not excel at test in these types of subjects because he is more hands on – But this time he did! His grades for each section are below (he cut chemistry kind of close don’t you think?)

General Anatomy - 434
Spinal Anatomy - 411
Physiology - 411
Chemistry - 375
Pathology - 498
Microbiology - 470

I am so proud of him, and I know he will be a great Doctor!

Throughout the next year Josh will work towards his license by completing three more exam parts as well as Physical Therapy. Once he completes all of that, he will have a license! Part two and three are scheduled for March 2011.