Friday, April 23, 2010

Josh's Grades

Josh has completed another successful trimester at Texas Chiropractic College. They are not all A’s, but he did pass all his classes! Great Job Dr. Elliott to-be!

Adjusting 4 -- A
Physical Medicine and Rehab -- B
Diagnostic Imaging 3 (X-ray Physics) -- B
X-ray Position -- B
Internal Diagnosis I -- B
Nutrition II -- C
Clinical Neurolgy -- C

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Texas Motor Speedway

For Christmas, Mom and Dad gave me and Josh two tickets to April’s Nascar Race at Texas Motor Speedway. The day had finally arrived, and we were so excited to go to the race… ear plugs were bought, race scanner was reserved, Jimmie Johnson paraphernalia bought and displayed proudly… oh and don’t forget the rain pancho! Oh Yes, you heard me correctly. IT WAS RAINING!!! If anyone knows anything about racing it is that you can not race in the rain. BUMMER!

It had been raining a couple days leading up to the event, and the morning of the race it did clear up a little, but there was still a constant mist. We decided to head out to the race track and be optomistic. While we were there we walked around the track and did some souvenir shopping. We also met up with an employee from my work, Toby (he is a die-hard Nascar fan and doesn’t miss a race at Texas Motor Speedway), we grilled up some chicken and burgers while we all place dour predictions about the race. 3:30pm rolls around and still no race, race was scheduled to begin at 2:00pm. We found out they had re-scheduled the race for the next day. Well that’s just peachy!!! NOT. I had to work the next day and Josh had to complete his last two finals for the trimester, it was impossible to stay! BUMMER!

Tickets were non-refundable. BUMMER! We tried selling or giving the tickets away to family and friends, but no one was interested.

The next race isn’t until November this year and we haven’t decided if we are going to purchase tickets yet. SIGH, it’s still a sore subject. So I would suggest not mentioning it.