Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring in Texas

Elliott Family - March 2012
Conroe, Texas
In spring the wild flowers are blooming in Texas!  It is so beautiful!  I had always wanted to take pictures in Bluebonnets. I definitely thought about it this year with Andrew, but still wasn't convinced until I got a text from Audrey Ray (Karl's girlfriend) suggesting we take some pictures in the bluebonnets.  So I called Jackie up to see if she knew of any good patches around town and if she would be free one day after work/school this week.  Thankfully we were able to meet up Tuesday afternoon to take these pictures.  I think they turned out great considering all things... little planning, amateur photography (Jacklyn the photographer and Jonathan her assistant), a 3 month old in all the pictures and only snapping pictures for about 15 minutes.

After snapping about 32 pictures we headed back to Jackie's apartment and she made us a delicious dinner: Grilled chicken, rice, green beans and brownies for dessert.

We are so thankful that we could get these cute pictures taken on a budget of zero dollars!  And we are looking forward to June when Great Aunt Jenny will be in Texas and she can get some pictures of Andrew at six months old.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Activities

Grandma and Grandpa came for a quick visit this weekend.  Arrived about 2:00pm on Saturday, played with Andrew for a few hours, had some dinner and then headed to Huntsville to watch Jackie's choir performance.  Spent Sunday morning with Andrew, ate lunch and left about 1:30pm.
Jackie, Jonathan and Karl were also over for lunch on Sunday.  Aunt Jackie came bearing gifts for Andrew... no special occasion.  Andrew received a very cute bib, SHSU t-shirt, and a hat with matching sneaker socks (pictured below).

After everyone left, Daddy and Andrew watched Nascar and Mommy took a nap... Win/Win for all!

It's been a month... getting reaquainted.

Reading with Grandma

Talking to Aunt Jackie
SHSU T-shirt - perfect size for Football season!

Bib "This is not a bib... It's my super hero cape on backwards"

Sneaker socks and cap