Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Potty Training

Now that Summer has slowed down and we do not plan on having any more special guests, we decided to start potty training Andrew. We put on his new seat over the toilet and tested it out a few times on Sunday and Monday. Generally he would there a minute then stick his arms out after a minute like "All Done Mommy".
I knew this process might speed up if I could get him to recognize what peeing actually was. I figured I had better odds of that if we tried first thing in the morning. Today, as soon as I walked in his room, I said, "Good Morning, Do you want to go sit on the potty? He ran to the bathroom. Within seconds he tinkled in the potty... SUCCESS! He was very shocked; I could see the look on his face, it was like "What is happening"? We clapped and cheered.

I have heard it is harder to potty train boys and it usually takes longer, but I am trying to be optomistic. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Special visit from cousin Brycelynn

Brycelynn, our oldest niece, stayed with us last week. She is ten years old and going into the fifth grade.  I was so excited to have her come stay with us and even more excited to do some special spoiling!  As the oldest of four kids it was nice to reward her with a few things and give her some one on one attention.

I worked most of the week, but took half day off on Monday and Thursday and Josh had Tuesday and Friday afternoons off. Monday afternoon we went shopping at Target and Kohls and then painted ceramics at Color Me Mine in Frisco.

 There was a lot of play time with Andrew in the evenings.

 We made angel food cake and homemade chocolate chip cookies while she was here. 
 When I was working, she was either watching Nickelodeon, singing at the top of her lungs, or playing Wii.
 Throughout the week Brycelynn was tie-dying a tote bag. It was a three day process, but here is the finished product.
Thursday afternoon we did some more shopping and went by Josh's clinic (I got a massage when I was there - BONUS). Before we knew it, Friday was here. Her family came to pick her up Friday evening. They arrived around 5pm, so we baked some pizzas and kids played until the James Family left around 8pm.

Blake, Bridgette, Andrew and Blain playing
 Andrew and Blain are seven months apart. They have lots of fun together... especially when Blain teaches him all sorts of new things.  Blain taught Andrew to stand and jump on his bed!  : /

Great picture snapped with Aunt Becca
The whole crew

Five Cousins

(The first and last picture I took of the five of them - can you believe it? It turned out GREAT)

Monday, July 22, 2013

TCC Homecoming - Galveston, TX

THURSDAY: Josh and I ventured to Galveston, TX for a long weekend. It was Texas Chiropractic College's Annual Homecoming. That morning, we dropped Andrew off at daycare, made a quick stop at Mom & Dad’s to drop of Andrew’s luggage, toys and car seat, and we are on the road! We met a friend in Huntsville for lunch at McKenzies BBQ then we drove the rest of the way. We arrived at Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center around 2pm. We visited the vendor exhibits, socialized with other chiropractors and then got ready for dinner. We drove down the seawall and ate at Landry’s Seafood. We returned to the hotel and made an appearance at the “beach party”. It was muggy, the mosquitoes were out for blood, and there were no more drink tickets, so we made quick round of hello and headed back to the room.
Our hotel room at Moody Gardens

FRIDAY: Josh was up early to start attending classes. He needed to earn CEU’s for his State License. I met him and a couple friends for lunch. We went to The Spot on the seawall – it was a great burger joint! Friday afternoon more exhibits, class and mingling. We visited with Grandpa Doc & Connie for awhile before getting ready for the Banquet. We got all dressed up and attended the banquet for a nice dinner and fellowship with other Doctors and Professors from TCC.
Josh with his Grandparents, Dr. Shelby and Connie Elliott
All dressed up for the Banquet

SATURDAY: Josh was up early again for class. I packed up and checked out of the hotel room. I was supposed to meet a friend and hang out at Schlitterbahn water park all day, but at the last minute she couldn’t make it. After Josh finished around 4:30 we drove to his dad’s house in Houston, picked up some Pizza and played games that evening with Granbet and Brycelynn, our niece.

Josh sitting in Medicare class

SUNDAY: Up early to get ready for church. Josh, Brycelynn and I met Grandpa Doc and Connie at their church, First Baptist Church Pasadena. They recently added onto their facility so Connie gave us the tour! It was HUGE and obviously very beautiful. My favorite part was the new Worship Center and Chapel designed for weddings, funerals and other special services. The theme of the Chapel is “The Life of Christ”; the stained glass windows around the chapel portray Jesus’ life story. The Elliott’s donated money to get a stained glass window in their name; their window tells the story of Jesus’ baptism.

After service we all ate at Frank’s. Then it was time for the three of us to start heading home, but we had a few pit stops on the way. First , we went to Karl’s new house. We needed to pick up our lawn equipment (he has been hanging onto it since we moved last October). We got to tour his new place visit for a short while and then we had to hit the road again. We made another quick stop in Huntsville; Our friend Meghan had just bought her first house so we wanted to check it out. It was a short visit because we needed to head back, but we really enjoyed seeing her again! We arrived home around dinner time, unloaded the lawn equipment and luggage then headed to pick up Andrew.

We certainly missed him, but definitely enjoyed the time away. Thanks to Mom and Dad for allowing him to stay there while we got a mini vacation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nana and Papa Wardell Visit

The same Saturday I met Mindy for her birthday celebration, Josh’s mom, Jeanna, and stepdad, Dennis, drove up for a visit. They stayed through Wednesday morning.   It was very gloomy and rainy the whole time they were here so we didn’t get out much, but we did have plenty of play time indoors and on the patio. In the evenings we would play games or watch movies; Jeanna loved the last three batman movies!  Here are some pictures:
Andrew helping mommy make mashed potatoes

Reading with Papa

Climbing on Nana

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mindy!

Mindy LOVES to celebrate her birthday. We used to work together at McKesson in Conroe – she was the one who actually hired me! We have become great friends. Over the years, I would always decorate her office and treat her to a birthday lunch or dinner. I wanted to celebrate again this year even though we weren’t working together. We decided to meet up in Benbrook (southwest Ft. Worth) for shopping and dinner.

We did a little shopping at Academy, Garden Ridge, Kohls, The Container Store, and Ross. Then we drove to Outback Steakhouse, her favorite restaurant, for dinner. We enjoyed Watermelon Ritas (yes they are as good as they sound!), an entrée, and of course a birthday dessert.

This was the second occasion we were able to meet since we both moved north. I am so glad we are able to hang out even though we are a couple hours apart. Can’t wait for the next time!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swim Class

Just after we returned from Iowa, Andrew started swim class! 

We joined Andrew's best buddy, Kameron, at The Colony Aquatic Park weekdays, June 24th - July 3rd.  Hydro Tot class began at 6:30pm and lasted 30 minutes (this was quite an adjustment seeming as how Andrew is normally in bed by 7:00pm).  Children, 6 months - 3 years, are accompanied by a parent in this class. The kids learn to put water on his head, kick and dig, blow bubbles, go under water, jump or slide into water from edge of the pool, flip onto their back from their belly, and use a noodle or PFD (personal floatation device). 

Andrew is not an expert by any means because of his age, but he is definitely more comfortable in the water.  Maybe a little too comfortable.We will have to keep an even closer eye on him when at Mimi and Poppi's house!
Second day of class... almost time to get in!

Andrew is splashing Kam

"Hi Da-Da!  I'm swimming!"

pouring water on his head

BLAST OFF!  Andrew always enjoyed that part of class!