Sunday, July 24, 2011

TCC Homecoming - Galveston, TX

I took Thursday and Friday as vacation days so Josh and I enjoyed a long weekend in Galveston after our Dr. Appointment Thursday morning. We got down to the gulf around 2:30pm and checked into our hotel - Baymont Inn. We headed over to Moody Gardens where Texas Chiropractic College was hosting their Homecoming festivities. We walked around the expo a while and then headed over to the museums at Moody Gardens. The first day we only made it through the Aquarium exhibit. Once we finished up there we headed back over to the Moody Hotel to meet Josh's Grandpa and Grandma for dinner followed by the College's Beach Party and Moody Garden's Palm Beach. After a long night of visiting we headed back to our hotel for some Zzzzzzzzs.

Friday, Josh and I attended Dr. Sportelli's opening speech for the day. He covered a 50 year history of the Chiropractic Profession... very engaging and informational. After that we went over to see the Rainforest Exhibit. We were kind of rushed to get through there because we were supposed to meet Josh's dad in League City for lunch at 11:00am. But since we had 5 day passes we could always come back to that exhibit. We met Terry at Cracker Barrel and headed back to Galveston. Josh dropped me off at the Hotel for a nap and he headed to Moody for a Seminar - Practice Management and Ethics. When he returned we put on our swim suits and sun screen for a walk along the sea wall. It was very hot, but since we were on the coast the breeze made it bearable. When we returned to the hotel we had to take showers to get ready for the TCC Homecoming Banquet. It was a nice event - food, speeches, awards, fireworks and dancing. Here's a picture of us all dolled up at the Banquet.
On Saturday, Josh woke up early to attend the Board of Regents meeting - I got to sleep in! When he returned we checked out of the hotel, grabbed some lunch at Quiznos and headed back over to Moody Gardens to check out the exhibits we missed. We went back through the Rainforest Exhibit, Rode the Happy Feet Ride Film, saw the Discovery Exhibit (bones), Rode the Paddlewheel boat in the Galveston Bay and then we topped off the day with some Dippin' Dots. On our way home Josh's dad invited us to go eat Chinese Food with some of the family - so we took a little detour to Crosby and enjoyed the food and fellowship. We made it home about 10:15pm, unpacked our stuff then crashed on the bed.

It was a good quick get away. Here's the link for all the pictures we took from the trip.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr. Appt #4 - It's A Boy!

I have been patiently waiting my next Doctor Appointment... well Josh would disagree. He would say that I have been impatiently waiting. As you all remember this was the trip we were going to find out if we were having a girl or a boy. When we arrived, we first headed back into the ultrasound room, the technician asked us if we were having a boy or a girl and we said "That's what we're here to find out". Then she asked us what we think it was we said boy. (Josh has never thought of it being anything else and I have had many signs that lead me to this answer) She proceeded to squeeze the eeewy goo on my belly followed by the wand. With in a matter of two seconds she said... "it's definitely a boy"! The baby was in a perfect position to show off his prized jewels for us all to see.

Once she took a few measurements and a few pictures we headed over to meet with the Dr. As we were waiting we realized that both of us were wearing blue shirts... kinda funny! Not much happened with the Dr. Will head back in four weeks for another check-up. Will not have another ultrasound until 36 weeks (16 more weeks).

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Color me Happy!

Earlier this month I debated whether to color my hair or not. I have TONS of gray on my head and I am only 25 years old! Many co-workers said not to color my hair because it might harm the baby's development. I did some research online and found nothing to substantiate that claim. I also figured there would be some kind of disclaimer if it did harm you or the baby. I called mom just to get her input... she confirmed my thought process. She also mentioned that when I was home this weekend she wanted to dye her hair... if I got one we could both do ours. So I purchased a box of Loreal Paris 7 1/2 A hair dye and packed it in my suitcase.

Tonight mom and I pulled out our boxes and to our surprise they were almost the exact same. Mom had purchased one shade darker - Loreal Paris 7A. How funny!

See our below and after pictures below: Subtle changes... but at least it covers the GRAY!

It's not Robbin's Brothers!

One of our stops while mom and I were out on the town today was Kohls. I picked up a couple things and decided to check out the jewelry to see if I could find a pregnancy ring. My wedding ring has not been worn the past couple weeks because of the swelling in my hands.

I found one that I liked and it was only $18.00. On our way home I put it on and asked mom how long she thought it would take for Josh to notice. We didn't take bets, but if we did I probably would have lost. It wasn't but an hour after we got home and Josh said... "That's an interesting ring". I'm sure he said that because it isn't anything like my wedding ring other than the color silver. Although it is different than what he expected he said he still liked it.

Fancy Feet

Today was Mom and Me Day! We started of the day with a pedicure, went hunting for a few things - no luck, grabbed some lunch and then some shopping.

Check out these Fancy Feet!