Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Living Room Furniture

Our plans for Saturday did not turn out like we had planned. Originally, we planned on heading to the mall for the day to use up some gift cards we had received from the wedding. When we left the apartment Josh went to get his sunglasses out of his car, while doing that he also picked up an advertisement off of his windshield. We then get in my car and proceed to the mall. Josh mentioned that their was a wholesale furniture sale going on and we should drop by there on the way to the mall... so we did. We found a leather sectional and matching rocker/recliner that we both liked, so we negotiated a deal with the salesman. We got all four pieces for $1475 after tax, SOLD!

The only downside was we needed to find a way to pick up the furniture the same day and decide what we are going to do with our current furniture. So we called Josh's dad, Terry, who lives in Houston and is an owner of a Ford F-150! We called U-Haul to reserve a trailer, went and picked up Terry's truck, picked up the trailer and then proceeded to the warehouse to pick up our new furniture. Luckily we got all four pieces in one trip and headed to the apartment to unload. Since it was a last minute decision to get the furniture we could not scrounge up any helpers; therefore it was all up to me and Josh... We can do it!!!! Unloading the new furniture was a piece of cake. All the tops of the sofas and recliner came off so it was much easier to lift the bottom portion of the sofas. To our surprise a neighbor came walking out and offered to help (If you have seen where we live you would be surprised too). We definitely took him up on his offer and we were very appreciative of his help! He came just in time too... we had to move the loveseat and sleeper sofa we currently had out of the apartment (THAT THING IS HEAVY). I have not doubt Josh and I could have done it by ourselves, but it sure would have taken a lot longer than it did. THANK YOU BRANDON! Once Brandon arrived to help we finished very quickly, seems like it was only 10 minutes or so.

After we got a couple things settled in the apartment we were off to Grapeland to deliver our old furniture to Josh's mom and grandma. It was a 2 hour drive there, we unloaded the furniture in the dark and chit chatted for a few minutes and then turned around and drove another 2 hours home. On the way home Josh got pulled over by a Sheriff... he looked at me and says "I swear I was NOT speeding". Turns out he didn't pull us over for speeding, but our trailer lights were not lit as we were traveling down the road. The break lights and hazard lights worked, but not the normal lights. Anyways, he wrote a warning and told us to turn on our hazards. Oh Joy! Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, all the way home! The whole thing was pretty annoying, seeming as how we checked it before we left. Oh well, at least we didn't get a ticket! We dropped off the trailer and headed home for some much needed rest.

There you have it! Our fun day at the mall turned into an expensive, heavy lifting and car traveling day! Despite all that it was still fun and we are so pleased to have new furniture that we both enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Long time, no blog!

Well, I warned you at the very beginning of this thing I would not be a constant blogger! I don't want to make excuses... but I have been EXTREMELY busy at work! The HR Manager (who began not too long ago in July) resigned over the Christmas break, and her last day was in the middle of January. Since then I have been the only HR contact for the Distribution Center... resulting in long hours and more stress! YAY! I have attended two all day job fairs in the past few weeks, and I spent a whole week on the nightshift trying to get our annual employee opinion surveys completed. The survey is approximately 20 minutes long and it must be completed with only two accessible computers... that was a fun week!

Re-cap over the past few weeks:
  1. January 23-24, 2010: Mom and Dad Kuklenz visit. Mom and Dad came down to spend the night before they departed the port of Galveston for their week long cruise. Jackie and Karl also came down Saturday afternoon with Mom and Dad, we enjoyed some family time and a delicious meal. The next morning Josh and I made breakfast and then they were on their way. It was a quick visit, but they were our first over-night guests. Very Exciting!

  2. January 28, 2010: We finally received our Wedding album and CD with our pictures on it. It is beautiful! If you would like a copy of the CD to print off some pictures, send me an e-mail and we can make that happen!

  3. February 10, 2010: Jackie's visit. Jackie came down and spent the night at our place on Wednesday evening before she had to get up early on Thursday and drive to San Antonio for a music conference. We didn't get to see her much, but it was fun and she was very productive with her Crocheting... oh excuse me knitting!

  4. February 14, 2010: Our first Valentines Day as Husband and Wife. Josh made us breakfast and we exchanged gifts and cards. Note: there were no flowers. (Which is okay because I have always told Josh it is a waste of money because they will just die anyways)

  5. February 14, 2010: Nascar - Daytona 500... the never-ending race is what I like to call it and let's just leave it at that!

  6. February 15, 2010: The day after Valentines Day, funny story! I came home from work and there were a dozen pink roses (my favorite color) on the dining room table... awwww, how sweet! (Even if you think flowers are a waste of money, it is still a nice treat every now and again) A few minutes later, we are sitting down for dinner and I got closer look at the flowers (they are a little brown around the edges I thought to myself). So, with the open and honest communication Josh and I have together I decided to open my big fat mouth, I said, "Oh, these are a little brown... I hope you didn't pay much for these." Josh says, "Why, how much would you have paid?" and I quickly replied very sarcastically, "No more than $5.00". Well, we continued to eat our supper. And then I curiously prompted him again... "So how much did you pay for them?" He hesitated, smirked, and then he said, "$4.00", we both chuckled. Oh brother... this is only the first year of marriage!

  7. February 19, 2010: Marriage License. We have yet to receive our official Marriage License. I have called the County Clerk three times and visited them twice to check on the status of the License. Apparently it is either lost in the mail or someone else has received it and does not want to return it. So I went to their office Friday after work (Got there at 5:00 on the dot and almost turned me away... that would have been a whole other story) to purchase a certified copy, $6.00. I quickly ran to the bank and got my name changed there. Now Josh and i can finally deposit checks from the wedding that were made out to Mr and Mrs. Joshua Elliott.

I am sure we have done more than that in the past month, but that is all I can think of and that is all my little fingers can type for now! Hopefully there will be some more exciting updates coming in the near future.