Sunday, November 17, 2013

Family Photos

Since my Cricut went KAPUTT in October, I decided to do a photo holiday card.  We took the photos on November 2nd. I booked it really early because of the 3 month fiasco I endured earlier this year.  We received the pictures Friday, November 15th.  TWO WEEKS!  and for my Total Recall fans, "TWWOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEKKKSSS".  I am happy to report, all the pictures looked great and no returns are in order. WHEW!

The Elliott Family Christmas Card will be coming to a mailbox near you next month, but here is a sneak peek!



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sometimes it's okay to talk to strangers...

I am an introvert and don't really care for sparking up conversation with a stranger, especially when someone is soliciting something.  In retrospect, this is probably why I don't have a plethora of friends!

I mention this because I was approached by a random lady at the grocery store Monday night. She is a hairstylist for Toni & Guy. She asked me if I have ever highlighted my hair.  I said yes, but it was five months ago. She handed me a postcard and went into her spiel.  Normally, I would have checked out of the conversation and at first opportunity said "no thank you" and quickly walk away.  However, she was nice and personable (not creepy sales pitch nice either) AND she didn't have crazy hair like some hair dressers! 

She needed a model to do highlights on for her class Tuesday night. It was only $20 and perfect timing for the holidays. 


I really like the way it turned out, nothing drastic and it looks natural. I did hi/lo  lights, you can't really see the darker color because I had her do two-thirds light and the rest dark.

Not only was this a great deal ($20 for highlights is a steal around here), but I think I made a friend!  She lives really close to us and has a little girl who is five months older than Andrew. It turns out they even go to the same daycare!!! I am sure we have a play date in the near future!

I am so glad I didn't walk away from the random lady at Kroger.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I surprised Josh with tickets to Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway.  Josh's sister, Becca, also came to the race. We dropped of Andrew at Mimi's at 10:00am and headed to the speedway.  We walked the midway for a couple hours and even made it on TV!  We were standing right behind the announcers at the pre-game show on Fox.  
They were taping the introduction to the pre-game show.  The whole crowd said "Right Now" on Kenny's cue.  
Here they are on stage recording the pre-game show
Sprint Cup Trophy!!! Jimmie has won this 5 times... we hope he wins it again this year!!!

Josh expressing his view of Dale Jr. at the souvenir truck on the midway
After our 10 seconds of fame, we headed back to the car to get our cooler, scanner and snacks. We entered the speedway and checked out our seats.  About 1:30 they started doing driver introductions at the start/finish line. After the intro, they do a lap around the track in the back of a truck. Of course I captured Jimmie Johnson riding by...  AND for Grandma and Grandpa Janssen I also got a pic of Dale Jr. riding by (Thank goodness he didn't break the camera before the race started!)

Jimmie Johnson - Driver Introduction/Lap around the track
  Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Driver Introduction/Lap around the track

Group picture just before the race starts!

I forgot they did this after the national anthem... SURPRISE!
View from our seats... just got lucky that Jimmie's pit box was right across from us

Headphones on... Let's go Racing!!!! 

Josh's excited face - 20 laps to go. Jimmie has dominated the race and hoping the race stays green so he'll end up in Victory Lane.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrating 5 years with McKesson

I got a special delivery today!  
My team in San Francisco sent these beautiful flowers to celebrate my fifth anniversary with McKesson.  I am so blessed to work for a fantastic company and a phenomenal team!
"Congratulations on 5 years with McKesson!  From your HR Operations Family"