Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pictures of ALE

Just before we moved out of our house in The Woodlands, Andrew discovered door stoppers!

Early morning playtime before Mommy heads to work

Visiting Daddy in GBC, Andrew really enjoys meal time!  Who wouldn't, right?

Andrews first pancake... believe it or not, he ate the whole thing!

The famous Knee Crawl... I think Andrew is the one and only kid who does this.

Out for an evening stroll with Mommy! 

LASAGNA! Mmmmmmm
This is actually a cleaner picture of him... He had it on his head, hair, ears, legs, diaper...
We followed dinner with an immediate bath!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Josh's first day of work

While Andrew was the center of attention, Josh kind of got pushed to the background.  Tuesday,  October 2nd was his first day at Lakeway Chiropractic. He has enjoyed learning the city, getting to know the employees and patients at the clinic, and just simply working.  The ropes have not been cut loose for him to work on his own yet, but he is shadowing Dr. Aaron around and learning the ways of the Clinic.  He sent me a picture in his scrubs… he looks so cute!  I can’t wait to get down there with Andrew and get to know everyone at the clinic too.

Well, didn't make it to Friday

Tuesday was on track to be a good day, until I get a call from mom while I was at work. She went to pick up Andrew and he had already vomited twice at daycare. And when mom got home, he got sick again. (When she called to tell me this I couldn’t believe he had been in daycare a day and a half before he got sick!) He kept vomiting that afternoon, about every 30 minutes, so she asked me to pick up some pedialite.  He puked again when I got home (green mucous bile). My heart broke seeing him get sick, poor helpless little guy did not look good, he kept moaning with discomfort. Of course I started to cry. We tried giving him some pedialite. Initially he refused the bottle (this has never happened before), and after a minute he took a sip, began to moan and then threw it up.  We were concerned about dehydration so I called the pediatrician and after a few questions she advised to take him to the nearest childrens ER.  He needed to get some fluids in him because he had not had a wet diaper in 3-4 hours.

We arrived at the ER about 6:50pm, where Andrew vomited again. It took 30-45 minutes to get a room.  Nurse ordered a KUB and some medicine to stop the nausea.  Once we gave him the medicine he was slowly perking up although still extremely tired and weak. But it was nice to get an occasional smile out of him. Once the medicine was in for atleast 20 minutes, we began to feed him some pedialite. He had 2 oz. no problem, little break and then fed him 2 more. He kept that down so they discharged us with a RX for more of the anti-nausea medicine.  We were out of there about 10:00pm. Headed home, gave him a little more pedialite and mom put him to bed while I ran out to get the RX filled.  All evening I was sending/calling Josh with updates; it was killing him not being able to be with us.  Andrew slept through the night and woke up happy the next morning… although still not 100%. 
Thankfully Mimi was able to stay home with Andrew on Wednesday so I could go to work.  He slept a lot with some play time… until mid afternoon when he got sick again.  Mom gave him a half dose of medicine and that seemed to calm his stomach down enough to get some formula and banana snacks in his tummy.  He had a bath and off to bed by 7:30pm.  He slept through the night again.
It has been an eventful couple weeks. I am hopeful things will begin to slow down for the Elliott Family.

Monday, October 1, 2012


There have been many changes over the past two weeks in the Elliott Family.  Sunday, September 23 we began packing our three bedroom house to prepare for a dual move on Saturday, September 29th.  Yep, you did the math; we packed up that house in one week. Not only that, but I only took eight hours of vacation time from work in order to get it all done. I couldn’t have done it without Josh, Jackie and Audrey.  Jackie came over Tuesday and Friday afternoons to watch Andrew so Josh and I could pack; Audrey came over Wednesday night to assist me with packing the kitchen. She is a fast packer… I think it only took us two hours to do the whole thing!  Another challenge to moving in one week was coordinating what would go where… Josh was going to be moving to an apartment in Kemp, near his work.  Andrew and I were moving to Mimi & Poppi’s house.  We had all the baby and mommy stuff going one place, and sorting through the other stuff to determine what would be unpacked at the apartment or stored for a few months before we had to move again.  I am exhausted just thinking about it again. 

As the moving week progressed, the number of boxes in the garage increased. Throught the week  e were on weather watch to see what Mother Nature would deliver on moving day.  Initially it was a 30% chance of rain, then moved to 40%, 60%, and by Friday it said 100% chance of rain on Saturday. Fantastic.  Not just any ole rain either… it was POURING all day long.  And not just in The Woodlands either, it was raining all across Texas, so the 3 ½ hour drive was just as wet as moving itself.  Mom and Dad drove down so we could use the Expedition to haul Andrew’s crib to Dallas.  They drove Andrew back in my car on Saturday while Josh and I proceeded to Kemp to unpack the moving truck and get his apartment organized. 
It was a long and busy week... I was happy to have finished.
Sunday, I drove to The Colony (about 1 ½ hours from Kemp).  I got settled in, Dad helped me put together Andrew’s crib, and prepared for Monday.  McKesson let me relocate to an office in Carrollton, TX; it is 12.5 miles from The Colony. Since Josh and I are both working it was time to enroll Andrew in daycare.  We had scoped out daycares the week before we moved and decided on La Petitie Academy in The Colony.  Andrew’s first day was Monday.  Mom had to take dad to the airport so I dropped him off on his first day. I was already crying just driving to the place…. I was mess. I am walking him back to his classroom and still crying. I knew he was going to be fine, but it is still hard letting him go into a stranger’s care for 8-10 hours per day.  I joked with mom before I took him and said… he’ll be sick by Friday.  I was very concerned because he had not been exposed to many people since he was normally at home with just me and Josh.
Monday came and went.  Andrew did well in daycare; they said he was a people watcher all day.  I enjoyed my first day of work; with the exception of the traffic (it took me 45 minutes to go 12.5 miles). NO BUENO!