Sunday, June 23, 2013

Iowa Trip

Midnight snack when we arrived in Jefferson, IA - 6/19/13

Van ride to Pomeroy - Jackie and Jonathan joined us.  Andrew was out within 5 minutes! 6/20/13

BBQ at the Janssen's house - 6/20/13

Playing in Nana & Papa's field

The Swanson's arrived - Andrew loved to hang out with MK

Josh, Andrew and the Swanson sisters - 6/20/13

Andrew was hot and sweaty so he was naked for awhile. Aunt Audrey decided to make him a toga with his blanket.

Memorial Service - 6/22/13

Family Photo before the service

VERY cute pic with Aunt Jackie

I was taking lots of shots of Andrew - he decided he wanted me to stop.

MK being MK

Playing piano with Great Aunt Diane - 6/23/13
I didn't take any pictures on Friday or at the service on Saturday since there were so many others taking photos and I really wanted to enjoy the day. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Andrew's First Airplane Ride

Wednesday, June 19th Andrew took his first airplane ride. Destination: Des Moines, IA.
Bus Ride from Express Parking to Terminal A

Dinner at McD's before we head to our gate
Strolling around Terminal A - DFW airport

Andrew was checking out the planes and "choo-choo's" aka luggage carts.     
 He even got an employee to waive to him from the tarmac... too cute!
Seated and ready for departure to Des Moines, Iowa.
As soon as the plane took off... he was out and slept the entire two hours!!!

The reason for our flight to Iowa was to attend the memorial service for Grandpa Melvin Kuklenz.  I will post candid pics on a separate post.

See mom's blog for more info:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

18 month check-up

Andrew is very tall and thin for his age, but very healthy.  I don't remember his exact height, but he was in 85% and he is 25lbs (20%).  I scheduled his appt early since we were going to be out of town.  Since we were a few days short of 90 from our last visit we didn't have to get shots.  Although, he will get two shots when he is two years old.

We were in and out of the office so quickly I didn't even get chance to take a picture... so here is one of Andrew and Daddy walking back to the car. (Thomas sticker in hand)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Andrew is enjoying a "POP"sicle for Father's Day!

1st Father's Day - 2012
 2nd Father's Day - 2013
Look how much the boys have changed!
This is the cute card Mommy and Andrew made for Daddy using his handprints.
The Father's Day card Andrew made at daycare.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bomb Pops

Andrew loves Bomb Pops.
He eats them in the pool, but this day Mimi let him have one in his highchair.
 He doesn't need any help!
He can do it all by himself!
 Good stuff Maynard!
 Don't be trying to sneak a lick Mimi!
Guess we'll be checking out the ice cream truck when it comes around the apartment complex.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lights! Action! Camera!

Sunday evening (June 2nd)
We had just sat down for dinner when we heard a loud noice and then the dining room
light came crashing down on our dinner.
Josh scooped up Andrew who was screaming at this point.
Glass was everywhere and dinner was ruined.
What a mess!

Luckily no one was injured!!!

A new light is on order by the apartment complex.
Guess we'll be dining by candlelight for a while.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toy Story Fun

Andrew has recently become interested in animated movies.
This Saturday's movie was "Toy Story"