Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kuklenz Christmas 2012

Karl making Beignets for breakfast

Grandma found the treat table... Mmmmm Peanut Butter Balls!

10% Naughty 90% Nice 100% NICE

Crusin' on his scooter

Andrew's gifts from Mimi & Poppi, Karl & Audrey, Jackie & Jonathan
and the Swanson Family

Finally getting the hang of this unwrapping thing...

Too CUTE for words!

Look at those" toofers"!

Riding his new Rocking Horse from Mimi and Poppi

Santa Came!!!!

Christmas Morning
Andrew's shirt has a moose on it; it reads: "Don't wake me - I'll wake you"

Christmas Day 2012 brought Dallas a White Christmas...
It was pretty to look at, but all we could say was BRRRRRRRRRR

Farmer Andrew in his new overalls... also sportin' Papa's John Deere Cap

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Andrew's 1st Birthday Party

We had a WHALY great party!
We have not allowed Andrew to have any cake because
we wanted this to be his first experience. He dove in like a PRO!
Typical birthday party... food, presents and cake.  Andrew was well behaved really loves all his new toys!  Here are some pictures from the party and a list of attendees and their gift(s) to Andrew:
Jen, Dwight & Makayla Swanson - Two T-shirts and Crayola Fingerpaints (THANKS A LOT)
Great Grandma & Grandpa Janssen - Big toy tractor and two small toy tractors
Great Grandpa Doc & Connie - sweater and pants outfit
Granbet (great grandparent) - Book of first 100 words
Grandpa Terri & Grandma Net - Long sleeve shirt and pants outfit
Mimi & Poppi - Scooter and "Andrew" straw cup
Great Uncle Steve & Aunt Laurie - blocks, stckin' cups and toy binoculars
Uncle Karl & Aunt Audrey - Piano Xylophone
Uncle Jonathan & Aunt Jackie - Giant Lego Blogs
Mom & Dad - Xylophone and two books
Mindy Hensen - Poppity Pop Musical Dino
Aunt Becca & Family - card
also in attendance was Nana, Aunt Mary & Wesley Nolen

Napping before the Party

Giant inflatable whale I found on Oriental Trading
(Thanks to Jackie and Jonathan for blowing this up)

Cake ordered from The Cake Shoppe - Conroe, TX
Also a "Smasher Cake" for free since it was his 1st Birthday


Saturday, December 15, 2012


About 60 family and friends gathered for a Suprise 85th Birthday Party for Betty Luce Rice Elliott AKA Granbet on Saturday, December 15th.  She was completely shocked!!! 

Granbet and her great grandkids: Brycelynn, Blake, Bridgette, Blain and Andrew

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Andrew meets Santa Clause

Let's just say it did not go well... and we hope next year goes better!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Road Trip!

Last Thursday, Mom, Dad, Andrew and I hit the road at 6:00am.  Destination was Jefferson, Iowa.  I was a little apprehensive about being in the car with Andrew for 12 hours since he doesn't normally travel well, however, I was surprised that we saw little of crabby Andy!  12 1/2 hours later we arrived at Aunt Cleta's house.  They were quick to pull out the toys and begin playing... it took him a bit to get his land legs back since he had been sitting for so long.  We had dinner, played, bathed and went to bed.

The next morning we got dressed, fed and were on the road again.  We had numerous destinations today. First stop, Jefferson City Hall - had to check in with Great Aunt Cleta, City Clerk.  Second stop, Lake City Hospital to surprise Grandma and Grandpa Kuklenz!  They have never met Andrew in person, so this made it an especially wonderful day!  Third stop, Lake City Drive In... grabbed a quick lunch. Fourth stop, Pomeroy, Iowa - visited Grandma and Grandpa Janssen.  Finally we drove back to Jefferson for dinner and play time.  After Andrew was put to bed, Mom and I helped Diane with a Christmas project she wanted to do for Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering this week.

Saturday was another early rising day.  We quickly got dressed and fed before a trip to Fonda, Iowa to see Grandma Lyla before she went back to the hospital to visit Grandpa.  She was able to watch Andrew play for an hour or so.  Then we stayed there and visited/played with Uncle Dustin and Aunt Karen.  After awhile we headed back to Lake City, had lunch at the Lake City Drive In again and proceeded to the Hospital.  Grandpa was having a much better day; I am so thankful we got to see him one last time before we headed back to Texas.  The Kuklenz Klan was gathering in Jefferson for a feast that evening so we headed back to Aunt Diane's house.  Dinner was delicious and it was so great to see cousins, aunts and uncles I have not seen in a couple years.

I was rather exhausted from the past few days so I went to bed early knowing we were going to have a long road trip the next day.  Believe it or not, Andrew traveled even better on the way home... perhaps he is finally getting used to sitting in his car seat?!?!?  He hardly made a peep the whole 12 1/2 hours back home!  He was rewarded with tiny snacks throughout the day... powdered donut for breakfast, part of Mimi's sausage/egg burrito, Teddy Grahams, squeeze cheese... thanks to who?  MIMI.  I am sure there are others she failed to mention... nice.

Overall it was a fantastic trip!   So thankful we survived the car ride, no red light tickets, everyone stayed healthy, and I got to see nearly all my Iowa family.  HUGE THANKS to Aunt Diane for letting us crash at her place.  Love you!  Enjoy some pictures from our trip!
Visiting Great Aunt Diane at work

Meeting Great Grandpa Melvin - Lake City Hospital

Four Generation Photo

Playing with Great Grandma Lyla

Chomping Cherrios at Lake City Drive In

Playing with Tractors in Pomeroy

Hanging out with Great Grandma Dot

Great Grandma/Grandpa Janssen with Andrew
One of the many car rides...

Playing with Nathan.  Nathan was so kind to offer
one of his toy firetrucks for Andrew to take home.

More playing!

Cute little picture I took when visiting Grandma Lyla.

TASTY ALERT:  Great Aunt Karen's cookies!!!!!!

Kuklenz Klan on Saturday night in Jefferson

Hanging out with Great Grandma Lyla in Jefferson.