Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dr. Appt #6

Glucose Screening Day!

Exactly one hour prior to my appointment I had to drink a glucose mixture. It really didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but it did burn a little going down. It was A LOT of sugar!!! Less than a minute after I consumed half the bottle I felt my heart rate drastically increase and the baby was bouncing around like crazy! We were both on an extreme sugar high.

When I got to the appointment they immediately took a couple tubes of blood. They are checking to see if my body can bring down those glucose levels to a normal range within the hour. If I don't have a result within the recommended range then I will have to go to a special lab to get a three hour glucose screening... same thing only they take your blood three times at one hour intervals.
The Dr. said "No news, is good news". If I need to go for further testing I should hear by next Monday. This meeting I had a normal blood pressure... that's a first! Lately I have had a wide range of BP results: 130/90 all the way down to 93/55. The Dr. said that was normal and over these last couple months my BP will likely increase. She also recommended we register at the Hospital and find a Pediatrician. I asked her about the classes available at the hospital - she said none were required, but she suggested we attend the infant child care class.

Tomorrow marks 28 weeks and the Dr. said we will move to having appointments every two weeks. Once I hit 36 weeks I will have weekly appointments until the baby arrives. Do you know what that means??? More blog updates!