Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend

 We drove to Houston Wednesday afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with Josh's family.  His dad was only off for Thanksgiving day... until 6:00pm.  His grandpa was not feeling well enough to come over, but we did get to drop by and see them before heading out of town.
Andrew and G/bet

Lounging with Grandpa Terry

Planes with Blain

Nana, Papa and Mary drove down from Grapeland for the day too.

 We drove back Thursday night for Jackie's surprise graduation party on Friday, then my family had our Thanksgiving feast.

Andrew spent the night and Mimi and Poppa's house so Josh and I could hang out that evening. We were back bright and early Saturday morning to take dad to the airport and then Mom, Karl, Audrey and I were off to Grapevine Mills Mall.  Shopping is always fun! We had leftovers for lunch and while Andrew took his afternoon nap we helped mom put up her Christmas tree.

On Sunday, we put up our Christmas tree. Andrew loves all the decorations and finding the Santas a.k.a. "ANTA".  Mimi taught him to say Ho Ho Ho... which turns out to be more of a Ha Ha Ha.

Clean up!

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