Monday, December 9, 2013

"HA HA HA", says Andrew

We had Andrew's 2 year portrait session scheduled for today. We were close to cancelling due to the weather, but we knew it would begin to melt and honestly we didn't really have any other time this month to re-schedule. We prayed about it last night and decided to go.  We made it to the mall, not too many folks there when we first arrived (there were tons of people there when we left around 2).  We completed Andrew's photo session, grabbed a quick lunch, went back to select our pictures and then we walked around the mall. While we were walking around, we noticed Santa was visiting the Stonebriar mall!!!  We asked Andrew if he wanted to see Santa and he said yes.  We waited in line for about half hour. We got to the front of the line and I asked if he was going to sit on Santa's lap, he said yes.  I was very concerned since last year's visit with Santa did not go so well... but to our surprise he walked straight up to Santa and jumped in his lap!  He barely cracked a smile for the photographer, but at least he wasn't screaming.  

I am glad we introduced him to Santa around the house the past few weeks.  Whenever he sees something Santa-ish he says, "HA HA HA".

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