Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!

Wednesday's High Temp: 79
Thursday's High Temp: 36
Today's High Temp: 29
Tomorrow's forecast high: 26

The temperature wouldn't be so bad, but it decided to rain, sleet and ice Thursday afternoon. I picked up Andrew early from daycare since they were closing at 5pm due to the weather.  He listened to one of my HR calls with me.

Josh got home about 7pm safely, luckily the clinic is only a mile or so from home... and no bridges. Andrew got in his soft, warm pajamas and asked to go to bed just before 7. That's right, he ASKED to go night night.  Too bad it was just a few minutes before daddy got home.
Josh's dad and sister were traveling south from Oklahoma City and decided to stay with us since the weather was bad.  It was about a five hour journey, but they made it!

This morning we woke to a winter wondisaster! Atleast an inch of ice and snow meant no daycare or clinic today!  But those of us that work from home... still need to work. Hmmmmmm 

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